Points of You for Professionals
Experience the impact and possibilities of the effective visual tools of Points of You Benelux. Learn new techniques and how to use them in your own profession, in the personal, interactive, one-day train-the-trainer training 'Points of You for Professionals'.

The visual tools of Points of You Benelux are based on phototherapy, stories and processes. They have already inspired many professionals, organisations and individuals around the world to create new points of view and surprisingly deep learning, and how to use this to actually initiate change.

In this training you will learn:

  • different formats and excercises, for varied workshops with all kinds of goals
  • use of the tools as icebreaker and introduction,
  • using the different process layouts for one-on-one sessions
  • the method and values of the international Points of You
  • personal feedback on possible uses in your business area,
  • idea's how to combine the tools of Points of You Benelux with the models and methods you are already using.

Our trainings are not conceived as frontal lectures; they are an experiential process enfolding while seating on cushions, listening to music and experiencing various processes during which some moving encounters occur between the participants, but first and foremost between each individual and his/her own self.

The training is ICF accreditated, with 6 CCEU's, and will be (mainly) given in English, for an international group of participants (with a maximum of 12).

You can find more information about the tools of Points of You Benelux in the webshop. Or check out an impression of former workshops and training on the facebookpage.

For whom?

The tools of Points of You Benelux are very versatile, so great to use for many professionals such as coaches, trainers, educators, therapists, facilitators, and teacher, bus also for HR-managers, consultants, mentors, etcetera.
In de training there will be time to discuss specific uses of the tools for the participants.


The cost of the training is € 127,- per person, including lunch, coffee/ thee, training materials and certification.
Or invest € 209,- in the special combination-offer of training and Dutch or English Coaching Game (with a separate price of € 109,-).

All prices are VAT-exclusive.


Pascall de Groen is an experienced and certified trainer, who loves to surprise with unorthodox combinations of visual tools and methods to get deep results.

Pascall is also certified in the Points of You - method and Points of You's Country Leader for the Benelux.

Date / time / location

The training 'Points of You for Professionals' is given once or twice a year in the Benelux.
The next training will be on the 30st of November, from 9.30h until 16.30h, including coffee/thee and lunch, at a great location in Breda. The language spoken will (mainly) be English, for an international group of participants.

Join us!

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